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WGGC is a unique integrated brand-new platform for cultural dissemination, entity operation, real estate development, healthcare products and health industry, sightseeing ecological organic agriculture, travel around the world, immigration, business communications, equity investment, digital assets, network multiplication, three-level agency, mobile Internet, electronic commerce, finance and crowd-funding, which can open for you an entirely new world for the comprehensive multiplication of spirit, culture, health and wealth.

       With its self-developed Internet network operation system and the incentive system for members as well as its unique cultural marketing model, WGGC will bring multiple sustainable income to you!

 Guan Gong's Spirit
Loyalty to the Country, Righteousness with the People, Benevolence for the World, Bravery in the Battle!

Broad and profound Guan Gong Culture upholds loyalty, righteousness, benevolence and bravery and promotes universal virtues so that it has won high reverence of millions of people as a successful model. Among Chinese historical figures, only two persons – Cultural Saint Confucius and Martial Saint Guan Gong-- are considered to be the best world-known and most influential and only these two are called saints in China. Since ancient times, the land of China has bred and nurtured thousands of heroes riding the whirlwind. However, in terms of folk customs and folk sentiments in society as well as national interests, psychology and beliefs, Guan Gong, the martial saint, with his almighty martial arts and timeless reputation, is certainly the person Chinese people have loved and revered most highly, and his great influence has spread the widest, deepest and farthest.

       Guan Gong’s full name is Guan, Yu; alias Yunzhang. He was a great general of the Kingdom of Shuhan during the Three Kingdoms Period. He was “loyal to the country, righteous with the people, benevolent for the world and brave in the battle.” His spirit and character have earned the great respect of the world so that for hundreds of years, stories and images of Guan Gong have been passed on by word of mouth from generation to generation and also reflected in the form of literary works, arts and traditional operas. As a result, Guan Gong’s thought and morality have infiltrated into various aspects of social life in an extensive and profound manner. Through over 1800 years of historical changes, the image of Guan Gong in the minds of the people has been sublimated from a fictional character into a moral idol of the Chinese nation and a world historical figure that transcends citizenship, ethnicity and beliefs and even has become a tie to maintain the feelings of Chinese descendants in the world. The influence of Guan Gong has long ago reached the countries and regions that are under the influence of Confucianism such as East Asia and Southeast Asia. As a matter of fact, Guan Gong has exercised a deeper influence over all Chinese communities in the world. Actually, this is a unique spiritual cultural phenomenon rarely seen either in Chinese history or in the world history.

 World Guan Gong City
A global base camp for the spread of Guan Gong Culture and the promotion of universal virtues!

With its wide-open bosom, wide international perspective, geographic location at the center of the world and a brand-new, unique mode of investment that can bring you super-valued return, World Guan Gong City will trigger a new investment boom, attracting Chinese Elite of Greater China and of the whole world as well as successful people at different places of the world to be lucky owners of Guan Gong City! It is certain that World Guan Gong City will become a global base and base camp for the spread of Guan Gong Culture and for the promotion of universal virtues!

       After the completion of the construction, World Guan Gong City will attract large numbers of tourists from all over the world with its unique cultural charms, a paradise-like natural environment and colorful tourist attractions. Here, tourists can participate in various kinds of activities such as sight-seeing, watching interesting things, learning something through practice, spirituality, a health regimen and other recreational events. People will have such an enjoyable time as to forget to leave.
WGGC E-Commerce Store
May Guan Gong Culture bring benefit to people everywhere!

World Guan Gong City and World Guan Gong Club are willing to work together with people of insight and predestined friends to create the brand name products of Guan Gong City, promote health market to benefit mankind and also to make contributions to the expansion of Guan Gong Culture and to the spread of traditional Chinese virtues so that Guan Gong City brand farm products can be given wings to take off and Guan Gong City brand healthcare products and environmental products can be sold out far and wide. May Guan Gong Culture bring benefit to people everywhere!

       World Guan Gong Ecommerce Store are planed to open to public at the end of August 2016! At that time, you can use Guan Gong Coin to make a purchase or exchange!

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